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  1. Hello, I have a young Asian friend who wants to learn ukelele and take part in the kind of activities you offer. I think she lives north side (not 100% sure). Could you give me some leads for her to follow? Thanks . I’m sure she would probably be willing to travel if a southside location can offer what she needs.


    • Hi Leonie – my apologies for the delay in responding. Our April sessions will be on Fridays 1st and 22nd April, 1-3.30pm and Sunday 10th April 2-4.00pm. The Sunday session is acoustic. The venue is the Rainbow Room, Canberra Southern cross Club, Corinna Street Woden (Phillip). We don’t currently have a beginners course running so if your friend comes she may find the song list difficult to play along to at first. We usually start our session with easy pieces but some ukulele playing knowledge would be needed. Judy Tunningley – Treasurer


  2. Dear Tugs,

    Would like to enquire about joining. Am interested in making music with friends and not being locked into a rigid schedule. Have had a Ike session with Andrew and loved it.


    • Hi Garry – our first session for the year is on Friday 3 February at the Rainbow Room, Canberra Southern Cross Club Woden from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. If you could arrive 15 minutes before that would be great. We will have someone share their music with you. Hope to see you there. Judy


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